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​The Next Voice You Hear

This song is by A Million Kittens, Inc.


It was ten on the dot when I looked at the clock
And noticed I'd been up for three days
I was knee deep in a lie that felt good at the time
But never thought that it would stay
There was a girl with a glove who said she was in love
And it made her feel the same way
So I tried and I tried but all I could find
Were bigger lies and bigger mistakes

Just like bendicks on the radio
The voice was loud and EQ'd so
It sounded like the voice of god
He pronounced his a's like "ah"
That was enough to win your heart
And no one really thought it was odd
When he broke up with the band
'Cause he loved to hold your hand
And did his best to be avant-garde
But the best that he could do wasn't half as good as you
So you split up when he lost his job.

We were spelling out our names in flames
When someone yelled "fire!" from across the way
There was a toddler in the water and as soon as we saw her
She ran off to call the police
So we picked up and we ran with the gas cans in our hand
Knowing there was no escape
We were smiles and smiles till we hit the half mile
And the cruisers came to take us away.