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This song is by A Million Dead Birds Laughing and appears on the album Xen (2012).

A set of leeches hold our balls
While we piss upon a lake
The creatures underwater masturbate
As they parade with us.
See how the pendulum swings forward...
Won't regret it if the piss burns.
We won't remember in the morning.
Why don't we take another peek at our subordinate...
Be inbred!

Mother, they have insulted me with their innocence.
What a disappointment

"The snake sings serenading an angel -
This instability tastes somewhat like serenity
Take a piece from your favourite sin
Dine in... And fade into oblivion."
Wretched subordinate.
Retribution awaits.
As they break civilization with a sensible state.
Harpies, and irresistible pieces of shit.
There is no existence of reason
We're all tainted from birth! Inbred!

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