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This song is by A Million Dead Birds Laughing and appears on the album Xen (2012).

I've seen so many faces bleed
I think maybe that's why my eyes don't focus the way they used to
Energy becomes a radiant being facing slightly at the inside of everything
I've seen this and decided that nobody needed
To be reminded that they were dreaming
Please goddess take me nowhere
They should have seen the tonic away
As the goddess appeased them
Too many ravens to beat upon them...

Thank you for mourning, I promise they'll meet you someday
When the pendulum falls on the safe citadels... sleeping
Black leeches adorned for the priests in the morgue
"Ascension" was born when they ate innocence

Lead them away
And when they form again
I wonder if I'll be weeping

They should have seen the knowledge away
As the goddess appeased them
Too many pages to read beyond them...

Take pity...
Please accept my apologies as i
Spread this knowledge abroad
A hollow hymn sung to the
Remembrance of the born,
We don't exist...
We are only facets of the mind of god
We don't exist
Nowhere with nothing

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