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This song is by A Million Dead Birds Laughing and appears on the album Xen (2012).

I woke to find myself standing...
Standing on the edge of a dream
A dream of endless mountains and endless mist...
A dream of endless nothingness
Here I walk the edge of worlds...
Here I walk with gods!
Here I walk with heavens lost
And beaten into dust I've walked
And walked the world some more
But everywhere I've been this walk
I can't help but think I've been before
In another life
In another time before the fall

Here I stand at the edge of everything
Staring at nothing
Sworn between this hell and a dream
Forever between
A love that keeps me fighting...
And a world I don't believe in

Beneath the bending sea
By the lawman's border...
I went to see the emptiness of god
I walked there... I walked there alone
Now everything I have is everything I am
But I have nothing but a dream.
So what does that make me?
Am I the dreamer?
Or the dreamed?

With on eye on the world and one within the shadows
I will walk the line that stands between

Here I am at the end of everything
Repenting nothing
Torn between myself and a lie
Forever entwined
Between the part of me that says "I'm dying"
And the moments
And the moments that tell me
I'm alive

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