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This song is by A Million Dead Birds Laughing and appears on the album Xen (2012).

You're about to become
Entirely disease-dependent
You're about to be taught
Sobriety sees too many walls...

For pollination we reform
The putative queen is wet
Take another hit before she withers

You're about to be born
Entirely disease-dependent
You're about to be bought
Reliance is law

With so many fleeting features may the virulent saints keep their pressure on the weak, turn their backs on the bleeding that grinds my heart.

I have answered to her call
Now won't she come and take my body
For these signatures are burning
They've postponed armageddon for the weaker generation
The immigrants have rent their goddess apart
So that they can sleep in shit
I'm peeling layers from my skin
So that she can see me bleed... Her blood.

Kissing the seasons has been a state of surrender
How shall the nest queen take my heart and eat it?

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