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This song is by A Million Dead Birds Laughing and appears on the album Xen (2012).

Call me king!
I made the rules...
Call me king!
I made the world...
Worship me

Obliterate ordinance; I require a sacrifice
The sheep shall remember the diligent plight of the wise
The brave can remember but I'd pawn the weak for a thimble of rice
Less their innocence...
It's best their mothers don't remember them

The moths; I can see them racing toward the flame...

Quit complaining; you're alive!

Why have I been awaiting a feast?
Deliverance tastes of the innocent
Torment is written in gold
The beast has a face to behold

Come on! Feed me worms
Commemorate the herd...

"This is all I know here... The natives call me king!"

I made the rules
Call me king!
I made the world
I am salvation!

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