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This song is by A Million Dead Birds Laughing and appears on the album Force Fed Enlightenment (2011).

The secret is to see the ornaments that fall and rise again
Demons crawl between these bloodstained walls
Agents of automation; reaping their dreams
Ceaseless in fornication
But their sacred sun could never see behind black eyes
Thank volition

Like leeches they feed
Murdering Djinn as they speak
Archangels beware
They always exist on the edge of something

Of anything

This is the body patrolled
Vestibule entrant persuasion
Destitute border control
Soul immigration of Satan
Insolent order reborn
Evident headless invasion
This is the body reformed

To breathe through the water
Lest ye be burned

The secret is to see the ornaments that rise and fall again
Reasons fall beneath these dead stale halls of night
Flight monition

Destitute border revolt
Contamination of Satan
This is the body betrothed


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