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This song is by A Million Dead Birds Laughing and appears on the album Force Fed Enlightenment (2011).

She parts with a finger-licked lesion
Breaking the sheathing with ease
Demanding the semen of legions
Take rest in the recess beneath

Fertilization of demons
Ornamentative rape
An ovulation preceding to pain

The wasted become her waist

A celebration of leeches
They lay blessed as she came
On a blanket of heathens, masturbating

Vicoden eyes
Spawned from the desolate trench of the uterus line
Lysogent raping pathogen child

Heartless face adorned
Darkness laced with open sores
Bastard race befall
Dark, embrace the never born

Her pain forever feeds the deep whenever she breeds
Her seed shall leave disease wherever they bleed

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