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Winter's Summons

This song is by A Lower Deep and appears on the album Parable Of The Thorn (2004).

Winter's voice is calling out my name
Summons with cold promises
Leading me on by frozen candlelight
Gathering to sight a numb dull pale white

Walking through this forest in my mind
Browning leaves cruching under foot
Shadowed vale filled with abandoned still life
Barren trees serving always to remind me

Into a granite hue I wake
Hopeful for the Spring
A long day yet have I to wait
Until warmth's dawning

Sleep is coming for the dreaming
Ever dimming, old old man

Now I've come to the end of days
An old friend guides me home
At last I'll find a place to rest
In warmth's dawning

Winter's calling for the graying
Ever fading aging man

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