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​Sisyphus Resigned

This song is by A Lower Deep and appears on the album Trinity (2005).

Watching the sky for starlight
Point of flame in a dismal night
Torrents of rain never ceasing
Storms dark like these thoughts
That plague me while I'm alone

In a crowd of strangers I feel most alone
Myriad of strange painted faces smiling like a friend
But when I come in need
Their fleeting shadows can not save me
Consciousness births the absurd
I've made my own hell

If I had the chance to live it all over again
I could never undo all the wrongs I've done
Memories like knives cut into my mind
Heaven would be to forget
I've made my own hell

Remembering the many I have shunned
Crawling ever deeper into myself
Loved ones returning to haunt me again
Ghostly fingers pointing their blame

Now I see all eternity
Stretching out before me
Like Sisyphus I can never be
Reconciled to my destiny
The hand of fate had no part in this
Every choice of my past has bought me to the stone