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A Brief Forever

This song is by A Lower Deep and appears on the album Parable Of The Thorn (2004).

I saw you there by the fire
A shape of light, so fair, all in white
I said my love to the wind
My solemn pray somehow you would hear
But in floated in my mind
Drowning with all the things I never said

I feel so alone now that you are gone
Time it seems to stand still
Slow the hours that I live

Remember when you said this will be forever
Forever seemed a time so brief
Swept away with the rain

Beauty fades from my eyes
Dark the days and cold the nights have turned
How long my love have you been gone
How long since I held you in my arms
Sometimes it seems like your still here
Other times as a million years

I fell so alone...

Can you still hear me from paradise the other side
All I want is to join you forever and ever

Remember when you said this will be forever...

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