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All You Do With Guilt, Iscariot

This song is by A Love Like Pi and appears on the album The Atlas And The Oyster (2009).

What I felt like as a sinner
When I broke my bread with saints
And all the crumbs under the table said

"This is my body, I can't give to you"
Oh my god what a mess I've made
Oh my god what a mess I've made of you

You say, "Wow", looking up into the clouds
"The sun beams look like poles
Made for god to slide down

In case of fire, in case of flood
(In case we drown)
In case of an emergency
But there isn't one right now, right now

"Or not to be"
I say staring at my feet
Reciting bleaker halves of quotes of poets
Buried underneath them

And I sigh in an act of great defeat
Saying, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh
I don't care I don't care how naive


Written by:

Lief Liebmann

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