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Plan B (2009)Edit

A Lot Like Birds - Plan B
Plan B
  1. Ted Bundy's Thanksgiving Dinner
  2. Hallows Or Horcruxes?
  3. When The Wolf Is Counting Sheep
  4. (
  5. Your Ex Marked My Spot
  6. Sesame Street Is No Place For Romance
  7. (
  8. How I Parted The Red Sea
  9. Sesame Street Is No Place For Vengence

Conversation Piece (2011)Edit

A Lot Like Birds - Conversation Piece
Conversation Piece
  1. Orange Time Machines Care
  2. Think Dirty Out Loud
  3. Vanity's Fair
  4. Properties Of Friction
  5. Truly Random Code
  6. Abbr.
  7. The Blowtorch Is Applied To The Sugar
  8. A Satire Of A Satire Of A Satire Is Tiring
  9. Sesame Street Is No Place For Me
  10. Tantrum
  11. What Didn't Kill Me Just Got Stronger

No Place (2013)Edit

A Lot Like Birds - No Place
No Place
  1. In Trances
  2. No Nature
  3. No Nurture
  4. Next to Ungodliness
  5. Connector
  6. Myth of Lasting Sympathy
  7. Hand Over Mouth, Over and Over
  8. Kuroi Ledge
  9. Recluse
  10. Shaking of the Frame

Additional information

Band members:
  • Kurt Travis - vocals
  • Michael Littlefield - bass
  • Michael Franzino - vocals, guitar
  • Ben Wiacek - guitar
  • Cory Lockwood - vocals
  • Joe Arrington - drums
Related artists:
Record labels:

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