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Her Delicate Yearning

This song is by A Long Winter and appears on the album I'm So Bad With Goodbyes... (2002).

I never thought that I could feel the way that I feel when I'm with you. The butterflies don't ever stop and time does not exist in such a dark place. The sunlight seems to sneak through and shine down on your beautiful face. I never thought that I could make it on my own. The thought of your smile to keep me company. I never thought I'd make it but I did, with you... I only wonder what it would have been like if I hadn't found you. I never thought that on that day in May an angel would fall down from heaven and into my lap...

I suffocate. As I drown in false emotions. Life brings me back down. For the sun no longer exists (in her heart). My will to ever love another died as fast as the seasons changed. Dark my heart grows. As we both look away. You've brought me back down. As it seems time is forever still.

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