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This song is by A Life Divided and appears on the album Far (2006).

Did I lie?
I paint the sea in purple black
And the sky
Darkens my head as it reflects

Did I try?
To liberate you out the cage
Did I mind
Honestly as I went back?

So wrong I came to find you
So wrong I came to try

Was I blind?
Well times been running through my hands
I didn't find
The obvious so I began
To realize
That you're off and gone just like the wind
But in your eyes
I should have read the opposite

Didn't you notice
I'm a little reserved
But I'm with you

The dirty stains inside my head
It's still unright
That I'm feeling happy in this state
So I hide
Into misery again
But nevermind
'Cause it all will end how it began

So wrong I came to find you
So wrong I came to try

Let me fly
No matter where but far away
Passing by
All the things that I pretend
After a while
You won't miss me I know you know
That's when I'll
Be free again and can't let go

Engines run forward to the edge
But can't break through towards
Time's spinning round your neck