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This song is by A Life Divided and appears on the album Virtualized (2003).

On and on and on and on
This road goes on
And leads you far away
-A better place-
Don't hold on
Keep moving on and on
This road won't lead you astray
-On your way-
City lights behind they did collide
In hazy sights
As you left all alone
-As you left home-
Rear view mirror's black in black
Don't you cry
Just look ahead to hope
-It's oh so cold-

You - you're on the way
You - you're on the way

On and on through unfamiliar landscapes
You've never seen before
-Don't hide no more-
Passing by these strange and foreign faces
Guide you to the shore
-And open doors-
The place you wanna be is free
From everything but peace and dreams
Without variety
-Now you're free-
Longing for your better days
You broke out
Of your captivity
-Just to breathe-

You'll see the sunlight again

Feel the spring when you arrive
The sun disturbs your weary eyes
Forget the past and look inside
There's so much more you realize

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