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The Lesser Of Evil

This song is by A Legend Falls and appears on the album Chaos Becomes Us (2003).

Could I over come this all?
It comes over me and I suffocate.
A dream too late for me.
Loss of control will take its toll.
I'm losing time.
His will is to be mine.
Don't you know you never can win?
What's yours is mine and I'll control everything.
It's been too long since you took a stand for yourself.
I'll bet you've forgotten how.
I'm so much stronger now.
So let me introduce myself to myself.
I hate you.
And all I want is to let go be free.
It comes to be that denial is my mask.
Disbelief helps me hide the truth
And as I sit alone
With all these things I've shown,
These things I never knew.
This greed and hate and lust in myself.
Feel the flow of fearful hate breeding your existence.
Separate from fact.
I'll embrace you.
Let it take its reign.
I'm inside you.
Fear no more.
I'm not running away.
Come to grips with new truth and see.
I am you.
Whatever gives you power will only kill me

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