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Progeny & Poltergeist

This song is by A Legend Falls and appears on the album Analyzing Tactics Of The Morally Dead & Dying (2005).

What have you to say as we struggle to divide ourselves beyond the lines of compromise? There can be nothing quite so fair as the cigarette burning through the calmness of our cotton littered canopy
How beautifully the ash falls upon unexpectant, smothering, until everything is one
Once darkest essences fade away, into soothing grey, what you fear will be what you have taught: Morals are everything, elsewhere lies suffering
Natural impurities
Oh god, wake up
Wake up
It's nothing but a means to contain
But the system is failing
We're quite uninspired by the tale of miracles
Although, whitecoats and skepticism aside, we may require an exorcism so send the priest before our actions lead others to disbelieve
Which truth's more lie? That there was or that there wasn't? Exploitation has dispersed the weak willed ones, pit them against themselves
So which lie's more truth? That there is or isn't? And what have you to say as we
They don't mean to defy you
It's not their fault
Struggle on? I'll take pity on the ones who in names of unknown have been martyred
Created all the same's the reality but show me life in harmony
I'll watch it die
Eye for an eye as we all go blind

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