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Post-Mortem Pre-Ævum

This song is by A Legend Falls and appears on the album Chaos Becomes Us (2003).

Hold on to the time you have.
Uncertainty holds the key to its vitality
And the unrest that follows it will bring your downfall.
You never know what you have 'til it's gone.
It's fading.
To watch it die is the hardest reality
And the burden left behind will never fade.
This light draws closer and beckons for you.
In death we see the weakening of our lives.
The ones we ignore are largely our own.
Take hold of the ones you have.
Soon we'll all be gone.
So goes this never-ending circle.
So goes the time.
This numbness inside my mind
Uncovers thoughts on being alive.
To dream's to live and in waking we're born.
Is this life? Is this life?
Holding on to a crumbling world
And fearing what you may never know.
But no one knows except those who've passed
Before and so we linger to endure the pain of life.
Why live for nothingness?
No one knows.
This world's a casket.
Watch me as I rise.
Relinquishing my time.
I rise

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