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This song is by A Legend Falls and appears on the album Chaos Becomes Us (2003).

For each moment we question being
They question it ten fold
Wondering if they'll ever be able to reclaim
What it was they once had
Or if there's a chance that they could ever be Themselves again.
Their worlds will never be the same.
Feeling worthless and living in pain.
I can feel you slipping away into a state of unending dismay
And still you let it take you away from it all.
I have been a witness to your unease.
A fear of confrontation
But your battered silence speaks louder than words can.
Let forth another silent scream and fade away.
Don't get lost in it.
It makes me sick to think it.
The degradation of self inside.
Your life is the loss you'll the loss you'll suffer in time.
A wasted voice is a terrible waste of life
And as you sit in your darkened corner sheltering yourself
From the only ones who can help you
I can't help but question.
Who's going to mourn for you
When no one notices you're gone?
Speak to me.
It's your last chance to be free.
Lay still and take it.
This life forsakern is taken from us all.
Your devotion to fidelity will only force you to crawl.
You don't have to bleed for it.
Bleed to be alive

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