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And So It Ends

This song is by A Kiss Could Be Deadly.

Even when the sky comes crashing down
And the earth is covered in flames and ash
When you're gasping your last breath
I dare you not to love me back
Your words fall like acid rain
Burning everything they come across
It's so hard to just give in
The answers close but lost

Like the cold of the grave that you touch with your fingertips
Like the words that you say, softly whispered through blood red lips
Like the hands of the clock on the last night well ever share
Like the dirt and the rocks that keep me buried alive down here
(Its finally over with)

We interrupt your scheduled programming
To confirm all of your darkest fears
Your blue eyes are so bloodshot
I can't tell if its drugs or tears
It appears there's precious few seconds left
The zero hour is suddenly upon us now
So many confessions left to make
More than time allowed

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