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​The Highest Tree

This song is by A Kings Worthy Mustache.

Selfproclaimed elite
Bloodbound to their ties
Falsehood in the tattle
Slaughtered like a cattle
Promises turn to dust
Emotions start to rust
Welcome to this place
Where justice is earsed

Fear is the great inhibitor
Deceit is their tool of trade
Blinded by delusion
So stop at nothing

Everyone just follows
And nobody starts change
We all just look away
Now bury all your trust
Just like you
Buriedall your dreams

We all sit around and time is passing by
The hand that feeds makes us bleed
Lets hang our masters from the highest tree
And force 'em to choke on suit and phone

I won't be your slave
I won't be your servant
I won't be your servant

Meet reality
Eternal suffering and world keeps turning