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​Lust Be A Lady

This song is by A Kidnap In Color.

We hit it off and on again
We only sleep in the same bed
Love was buried deep beneath the place we lay our heads
We all know talk is cheap but you talk it sweet
This is a lesson for the desperate: don't let her into your head

Who knew a goodnite kiss could lead to such a mess like this

Darling read my lips "we're going down like sinking ships"
Singing oh, oh, oh oh
Girl you're in my head, you're in my heart, you're in my bed
Screaming oh, oh, oh oh

This is the last call for love
These young hearts have had enough (I think)
Oh god I think I've had too much
That doesn't mean we're getting down on the floor tonight
Our hips they crash to our heart beats, but love was fast asleep.
When your blood runs cold you know I'm still the one that gets you off

I'm not the type of gent to play these type of games with you

I thought love was alive but love was just a lie to