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​Heart Break Remedy

This song is by A Human And His Stds and appears on the album Punk Rock Ballads For The Ugly And Unloved (2005).

Hey you!
Yeah You!
Are you sick of being lonely? Are you sick of being Depressed?
Are you sick of being downright heartbroken?
Then we have the perfect product just for you!

For real life, yeah you tried. You got fucked, but now you're in luck. Ease your mind, drink our wine... HeartBreak Remedy. From the depths of A human and His Stds toilets, made from the finest of welch's concentrate. 1 Gallon jug, 2 welch's grape, 3 cups of sugar, and 4 scoops of yeast. The rest with tepid water, cover with a balloon, and one month later... HeartBreak Remedy