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​The Echoes That Last Forever

This song is by A Heart Fades Forever.

I would have let these words flow as a stream,
Of soft pedals and tears cascading against your heart.
If only words spoken from this mouth could begin to paint,
A picture so perfect as to my eternal vision of you.

As I slip into your crystal eyes,
Life begins to flow through my soul as it once did.
My reflection against the green pools of this crystal,
Is that of a smile.

I cherish the essence that is your being,
And I cherish the memories of compassion frail cries,
As this heart begins to mend its shattered fragments,
The fire of life begins to burn within me once again.

You have given me all that I hold dear,
And all I wish to do is echo that gently back to you.

It's at moments like this,
When a wingless angel stands before you,
That the trivial nature of all other aspects of life,
Drift away in the winds revelation.

Though once a lonely and bitter man,
The sorrows of eternity could be healed in one loving glance,
Through the crystal perfection of your liquid eyes.

These words now spoken, echo forever.
I love you.