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​Amidst The Eternity Of Tomorrow

This song is by A Heart Fades Forever.

Amidst the dark and vast horizon of solitude,
I lost sight of the innocent figure I once embodied,
This soul has become calloused to the absence of emotion,
And excepted the existence I myself relish in, alone.

My blinded eyes see not the squalor that surrounds me,
As I search desperately for the extended hand willing to help,
Finding help only to be an illusion I torment myself with,
The blurred vision of reality before me degenerates even further.

How can I carry on,
Alone, for the eternity of tomorrow,
How can I carry on any longer,
Only half fulfilled, without a soul to cherish and complete mine.

These sterile tears of loneliness fall upon the sifted earth,
There are no footprints but my own surrounding this desolation,
A warm embrace would mean so much to this cold figure,
And yet, I've almost forgotten the last act of affection I received,
It's been far too long.

Far too long since fate felt any sympathy for me.

I portray an empty smile on my face as I drown in this solitude,
I loved you all, but did you ever care for me
That question echoes throughout this frail figure,
As I fall to my knees crying out the heavens above.

And despite this emptiness I pacify myself with,
There are a handful of those out there who have cared,
And I love all those whove tried, more than words can express,
And for you few I will prevail.

I will prevail!

I have not forgotten, and will never forget.