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This song is by A Good Day For Killing and appears on the demo AssAsSin (2003).

In a deserted cemetery where I dwell
There are many cadavers in clammy graves
Here is centre of delicious food
Every organ of dead body could be foodstuffs, eyeballs, limbs, brain, entrails
The human flesh is toothsomer than pork, chicken or even mutton
You never know as long as you never taste it
The corpses will be deliciousest after a week from burial
And last week I saw the funeral rite
They buried a dead man in the grave
They thought that was sending dead body soul to embrace of god
But I'm going to exhume and send him to my stomach
In the deep of seventh night after the funeral
The sky is overspread by darkness
No moon, no stars, no wind and no lifes
I dig up the coffin and lever off its partition
Fragrance of rotten cadaver blow gently into my nostril
His remains filled with maggots and worms
The lymph oozed out of the skin
An eye protruded from eye socket
Tongue stuck out of mouth
It looks so palatable
I'm slobbering
Cannot stand my great desire, I attack and bite that cadaver like a beast
Rend asunder the limbs, eat the flesh, gnaw the bones
Lick the lymph and pus instead of water
Then I tear his anus and pull out the large intestine
Suck the maggots from inside and engulf down my throat
Rip open the breastbone to devour the heart and entrails
Break the forehead to be rifted and pick the brain to eat
During I'm delighting in devouring this cadaver, I glance the tombstone, it's inscribed the cadaver's name
That name is my father's name
I'm eating my father!

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