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A Good Day For Killing

This song is by A Good Day For Killing and appears on the demo AssAsSin (2003).

Waiting is finished
When my wife is giving birth to an infant, I'm gazing at her vagina
The eyes have no light and are emotionless
I'm watching with abnormal mind, all of a sudden I take a knife to stab into her vagina
She shrieks in agony upon the sanguinary gore
I make an incision in elaboration, slowly slit to her navel, the blood gushes as the stream
Her last breath is the last scream of torture
I rend the wound to enlarge by my own hands
Feminine infant slips through that incision
Body soaked in blood
Her weeping voice calls my rages out
I jerk the umbilical cord and put it in her mouth
The rancour has possessed my mind, drives me to stuff my huge penis into her tiny vagina
It is ripped instantly
She died on my penis, but I'm still fucking her, I fuck her like I saw her mother fucked with a paramour
This is deserving retribution

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