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Set Up

This song is by A Global Threat and appears on the album Where The Sun Never Sets (2006).

Extra sheets, 'cause oil isn't cheap
But two bucks is six cans down on Douglas Street
OT got docked this week and somehow more snow
No license, no registration, nowhere to go

Brain is bouncing off walls
It's just a setback, not a downfall

Take me to the back room
Where nostrums zoom
Right down the throttle
Set the snare

Out across the sprawl on no sleep
Thrown around like a ragdoll,
Can't compete
If down inside, something's off, at least I tried
I just can't seem to keep peace
But that's how it goes

Brains are bouncing off of all walls
It's just a setback, not our downfall

We're running out of room inside the scene
Just apply the staples
Set up again...
Without a chance

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