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Keep Dancing

This song is by A Global Threat and appears on the album Where The Sun Never Sets (2006).

Yo, hello?

You know, you don't have to have a gun to your back to be a slave
It's not that necessary if that's all people want from you
A lot of things that seem harmless, you know
Are quite more dangerous than you might think
Pop culture: look at what's on the television,
The radio, and the magazines,
Everywhere you go, what do you see?
The same and more nonsense to cloud your mind from the reality
More products, but absolutely no doubt
A fantasy for people to keep facing
"Forget about the war, forget how hard it is to get by
"Just keep dancing and keep eye," that's all they tell you

Not everybody buys it
Some people raise their own voice and create their own culture
Something that has to do with them and how they see the world
Then the system takes it
And sells it back in a plastic, safe, whitewash form
Now it's pop culture, introducing the same values,
That everything's okay
The cop is your friend, your boss is your friend
Law and order

All we can really hope for is that some people won't take it
When the system tries to take their voice
And sell it back to them again
In silence

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