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The Scientist Song

This song is by A Drum And An Open Window.

You said that we couldn't sing unless we knew all the words that we were singing. and what they meant before we began to sing them out. but sometimes you just have to sit there and sing with your ears closed. and sometimes you're to wish and will speak before you know what it's saying. yeah, you don't have to be a scientist to do experiments on your own heart. and you don't have to know the way to where you're going until you start the car.

I can't believe that you've never sat in your bedroom with the door closed and your guitar and screamed for better. your mind may not, but your mouth knows.

And I'm not writing this song now; it's already been written. there's no point in pointing out such an obvious contradiction. sometimes when I sing it, I'll hit the wrong notes. and those will be the ones that are most beautiful.

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