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The Mount Eerie Show Song

This song is by A Drum And An Open Window.

It cost thirteen dollars and ninety cents to go
We hopped the bus to providence for a mount eerie show
But the kids there that night after carl blau played, they were restless and they talked and talked and talked and phil couldn't read his set list
And this one drunk kid in particular, I think his name was eric, he was throwing pillows all around that space and dancing like a jerk
And I couldn't hear the vocals because the guitar was way too loud, which doesn't make any sense at a mount eerie show, but phil felt he had to please the crowd
So he turned his set way up and played some really rocking songs
And the kids all laughed and danced and a few of them sang along
But I was kind of disappointed 'cause I wanted to hear "human human" and I couldn't really recognize the songs that he was singing
Except "let's get out of the romance" and the one weird songs about cooking
And the show, it kind of sucked, I guess, even though phil's usually amazing
Afterwards, the lights went on
It turned into a drunken dance party
I felt kind of bad for phil and the craziness carl started
And some kid tried to sell me coke and I got claustrophobic so I went out down to the street outside where all the hip kids were smoking
And I thought about what I'd say to phil if I ever got to speak to him
And I thought about the fucked up place and if I'd ever come again
And I thought about the brattle and the time I saw him there and how the kids were really nice there, no one was drunk, and it wasn't a bar
And he played till 3AM with all the lights off and all of us singing
And he ended with "human human." I thought it was amazing
It was great
Yeah, providence sucks and I am never going back there
Yeah, it was great
Providence sucks and I am never going back there
Fuck that place