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Liber XLIX

This song is by A Dream of Poe and appears on the album The Mirror of Deliverance (2011).

God take me now
Hide my soul from the Shadow
But don't leave her body laid on dirt
Don't leave her name to be unheard

"As I become an abyss and a temple for the weak and frail
Lift me, Babylon and Holy Grail to begin a new Genesis"

"Thou hast called me, oh accursed and beloved fool
My joy is the joy of eternity
And my laughter is the drunken laughter
Of a harlot in the house of ecstasy"
("Scream my name to fill me with life")

Oh, and something grotesque is looking through the glass
Something old trying to pass, the man has become
The sleeper as awaken from the surface of imperfection

"Come; I'll show you the anatomy of my skin
All the deep silence that crawls within
From the lust that was left to die
The Morningstar brilliantly silent
Above a lost Titan's cry"

This Beast of venomous Brilliance
A spear of light from the tomb of Christ
Comes forth in all it's might
As I look into the Mirror of Deliverance
Une nouvelle decadence
Cadence des rythmes du Soleil

"Shy away
Don't turn your face to me
Go and shy away
Rebuild yourself from the ashes"

Rise between the mountains
Rise between ego and soul
Temper my flesh with your taste
Seven vessels for me to waste

Time is ticking away
Into a kingdom of dismay
Can you dig enough into the blood
That lays in your godless hands?

Silence, the gates are closed
The gates are trembling
Under the vibration of our voices.
Let my flesh become Stone
A temple white as bone
I open the gates of East, South, West and North
I open this world to thee, Babylon
My body, an eschaton
A watchtower of lust

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