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​In Blood I Lust

This song is by A Day of Pigs and appears on the album Lecherous (2007).

Life is the devil
I will hunt you down, while you're unaware, your heart and flesh and bones, curs my appetite
Following you in your house, lock the doors to keep them out, this is when the fun begins
I will cut your face, with a piece of glass, your dreams fall away, I slice away your lies, the knife becomes my friend, helping to defend, the hate that's in my heart, tearing screaming out will make it worse on you, when we're done, cutting out, all the fear, blasphemy, you and me blasphemy you and me I am the God of your pain life is the devil...
Now you must befriend the instrument of hate, removing only fear, screaming to repent, they will find you less, bled completely dry, pieces here and there, bags of hagshit liar...
Why did I cut your life, you were such a lovely soul, I let you die alone