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This song is by A Day's Refrain.

Sean: You held this picture next to yours and cried, on the impossibility, you choked, and shield your eyes from the light
Deny the truth to yourself, the mirror lies and you tear yourself apart
You cannot fit this mold
You pray to change (and are answered with) silence
There is no recognition
In time you will realize there is more then just their smiles
In time the sets will come crashing down on you
In time you will realize that I cannot live your (dream) I'm not here to tear you down I just want you to realize that you are beautiful sal: can you define beauty? because it seems its already been defined for us
The pictures, they're everywhere, you couldn't look away even if you tried
Ninety percent of it isn't even real, its retouched and altered, your eyes, your beautiful inside, please don't do this to yourself

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