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May 18th

This song is by A Day's Refrain.

Sean: cold needles tear quietly through this breath and I have yet to feel
Soft whispers so as not to wake you from this rest and I try to grasp you're not coming back
This coldness has taken your place and we hold onto the tears and we hold tightly to these years
I search for a way to live with this knowledge and you searched for a way to say goodbye
This air is stifling and the thoughts produced suffocate the will
You don't look like yourself, this is not who you are, you are much stronger then what lies before me
Was the pain to great? I know that you missed her so you collapsed through fear you left us in mystery until we die sal: I can't believe that you're gone, you were apart of my life and now even that seems so far away, I feel you, you're with me

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