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Longest Five Miles

This song is by A Day's Refrain.

And you said that maybe someday
We will run into each other soon
I hold onto threads that slip through my hands as this unravels right before my eyes
We chase our dreams and leave the now behind, this is all we have
These streets echo with memories that are not my own, and this is where Ill stay where I belong to be left alone
These lines diverge leading us further away, but these moments must last us through darkened roads and broken homes
I hold this close to my heart and watch as you all fall away, and you said "this is all we have until we go our separate ways." sal: As we pass through our lives we share pieces of ourselves, hearts and minds
I cannot forget you and all that we've been through (this is all we have), the things we said, the hope we gave as we grew up, "This is all we have until we go our separate ways."

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