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Are You Listening Or Just Waiting For Your Turn To Speak?

This song is by A Day's Refrain.

Sean: sleep holds silent the failure as I caress neglect. wasted compassion on myself, my utmost concern. I can't shed this skin, as time stands still to reveal ugliness. this is not how I imagined myself, so self absorbed with eyes sealed shut. surrounded by lies to protect myself. protect myself from the truth and live my well-built facade. shrouded with images of self-content. unwillingness to disappoint always leads to disappointment. in our eyes we are what we construct but it never rings true
Sal: this portrait, the paint is smeared, it's a constant reminder of this image I create. it's a constant reminder that everything has changed, I'm choked by visions of myself, I'm suffocating. but in our own way we all take this for granted. we all feel alone. as much as we don't like to admit it. we know its true

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