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​In The Night

This song is by A Crying Shame.

Its funny how sometimes,
Late in the night.
Is when there is the most
Pain and strife.
And how the things that haunt me,
Suddenly seem clear.
Even though it still feels like,
That no one is near.

Now life is not so easy,
It's been breaking me down.
The answers back then made sense
But they are mistakes,
That I know now.

In the night I search,
For my conclusion.
Through all of lifes confusion.
And I'm not afraid, to admit I cry,
As long as someone can tell me why,
I need you so much, in the night

It seems my emotions got,
The best of me again.
Please reveal your divine plan,
So I can see.
I know that somehow my
Broken heart will be saved.
You promised rebuilding my spirit,
When to you my life I gave.

Though life is not so easy,
I'll accept its fragileness.
Oh and though I don't feel you,
I still long for your presence.