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Feel You Breathe

This song is by A Corpse Named Abel.

I see you looking by without one loving glance I try so hard where did I fall short I think I'm certain this is the end please don't give me it's not you I'm screaming aloud just to feel you breathe I can see the moments, they're almost gone I'm waiting for just one more touch one loving stare where words have no place I can feel my tears run cold how could it really be I always thought we shared so much waking up to another red sky the burning inside from the sleepless nights I loved the mornings waking to see your face so wonderful it never lasts it's always the end at some time or another but you stole my heart its yours I've got no use for it now I'm still waking to nothing just another day breaking why can't it stop why can't it just be the end it would certainly be the only fitting veil to cover this corpse called love

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