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​I've Seen Prettier In Amsterdam

This song is by A Broken Tomorrow.

This is the part where we change the world

And I know you won't change for me.
Your lies lend eternal release.
And your untruths won't see light
They're buried beneath one thousand feet.
Suffocating me.
Somehow your hands will redeem.
Your hands redeem.

You've gone too far!
I can not feel
Anything but hatred
This is my warning call
We will find resolve

And does it make you happy to see me suffer?
You shed not a tear for my wasted hours.
I'll gladly assist your disease.

You've gone too far!
You'd better pray my hands grasp mercy, not your throat,
'Cause you're killing me.

Where the fuck is everyone whos hands remain choking me?
How the fuck can everyone deny the fact they're killing me?
Who the fuck can survive when I am killing everyone

You've gone too fucking far!