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Dark Red And Loud

This song is by a brokeheart pro.

Your eyes will see to it, I come undone
Your hands can feel me and hold me down
And god I hear you through whispered tones
And I'll taste you
Now you're known
Clumsy with the power
I'm stumbling on my feet
I've never been a coward but I feel a little weak
There's a part of me that doesn't belong here
Something deep inside that
Doesn't fit in and it's
Me down
Me down
My eyes will see to it
You come undone
My hands can feel you
And hold you down
Can you hear me?
Through whispered tones
Can you taste me
Ah, the great unknown
Clumsy with the power...
Dark red and loud
Can't you see I'm fighting here
Dark red and loud
Can't you see I'm dying here
I'm dying
There's are part of me
That doesn't belong here

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