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​All For The Money

This song is by A Billion Ernies.

All for the money

Did you see him jump right off the speaker last night?

I think Ill do that, at our next show

I wanna be just like the guys I saw on TV

I wanna play the Roxy so bad, I can almost taste it

Don't you know if you don't, then you won't get signed

I am so sick of being stepped on

I will scream, then sing on the chords,

'Cause that's what's cool today

It's not a matter of whether I like it or not (chorus)

Maybe I should do my hair just like Robert Smith

Maybe we can all dress up in suits,

Just like The Beatles

So sick of playing small-time shows

In small own, with small amps

Pay the promoters, and you just might play

At your favorite venue

Don't you know if you don't then you won't get signed

Is nothing sacred?

Not since checked, because