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When the Hills Run Red

This song is by A Band of Orcs and appears on the album Adding Heads to the Pile (2012).

Savagery storms the hill, tidal wave of hate
Biting axe, blooded steel thirsty
Laid to waste

By tusk and claw, we will take the land
If you come across our path
We'll kill you where you stand

Vengeance is at hand
When the hills run red

Siege upon the giants' walls and bring forth the ram
We've been sent for the kill by King's command
With burning torch and by blade, no one shall be spared
Loved one's head placed on pikes, your entrails I shall wear

Thrash, destroy
Set flame to the halls
Storm the gates

Scream, writhe in pain
Your mighty halls will burn
With sword and axe raised high
The earth your blood will stain
Our onslaught you cannot be spurn
Your death, our battle cry
You know your life's undone
We are born to kill, kill, kill, kill

We thrash, we destroy
We set flame to the halls

Know your lands will burn
Your life is at an end
All you loved now lost (No, it's gone)
When the hills run

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