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In the Keeper's Chamber

This song is by A Band of Orcs and appears on the album Adding Heads to the Pile (2012).

Foul, twisted
Degraded mind ensconced within degraded form
Horrid, menace
Inflicting pain for the sake of taking pleasure

Fear, torture
No rhyme or reason just a harvester of suffering
Orcs, humans
No creatures spared the ministrations of the keeper

Once noble titan
Devolving backward into depravity
Lost touch with chaos
Unleashed corruption, sowing idiotic creed

So now face the warrior
Taste the blades of retribution
Instinct directive
Destroy the horror in the keeper's chamber

Breaking wills finger by finger
Pulling tusks with iron pincers
Branding flesh with burning coals
Whips and chains against once proud foes

Tribes-kin hanging from the walls
Tortured screams heard in the halls
Imbecilic giant gloating
Strike him down to quell our loathing

Mutant, coward
No fighter here, just a spineless aberration
Echo, mirror
Soul's black reflection back at me

Must face the madness
Confront the nightmare, of our devolving breed
Declared war on nature
Became imprisoned by false mortality

So now face warriors
Taste the blades of retribution
Instinct, directive
Destroy the horror in the keeper's chamber

Kin hanging, kin dying, kin crying, kin falling
The gore-stained axe tribe will take no more
Kin rising, kin fighting, kin winning, kin chanting
Gogog, leader, release you all

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