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Rumor Had It (2004)Edit

A Balladeer - Rumor Had It
Rumor Had It
  1. I Saw You Hiding From The Rain Today
  2. Rumor Had It
  3. They've Shut Down Marks & Spencer
  4. Left-Over Tears, Lost

Panama (2006)Edit

A Balladeer - Panama
  1. Summer
  2. Blank
  3. All I Wanted
  4. Pre-Berlin
  5. Sirens
  6. Winterschläfer
  7. Robin II
  8. Fortune Teller
  9. Hamburg
  10. Copper Shades
  11. Swim with Sam
  12. Herbst

Where Are You, Bambi Woods? (2008)Edit

A Balladeer - Where Are You, Bambi Woods?
Where Are You, Bambi Woods?
  1. Plan B
  2. Jesus Doesn't Love Me
  3. When Dean Was The Man (And Monroe Always Smiled)
  4. Nightmare On Elm Street
  5. Oh, California
  6. Mary Had A Secret
  7. Superman Can't Move His Legs
  8. Poster Child
  9. Welcome To Vegas
  10. Alright, Mr. Demille
  11. Where Are You, Bambi Woods?
  12. America America

Other SongsEdit

  1. Oh California

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