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Automatic Doors

This song is by ATris.

As the light hurt your wrinkled eyes
You're not alone or abided in time
Do you ever wonder what's beyond
The checkout line excated, though

Hey, man, what's up?
I'm feeling under the weather
Under the weather

Beyond the counter light
Beyond the automatic doors
But you, too, may find it difficult
To leave here once you're standing front of

Outside this enriched box
There's only pain and despair
But do you really want to leave the safety of this place?
I thought so

We are, we are a part of me
We are the exchange, the part of the data
We form a sound which causes progess
Causes growth and yields improvements

In the production of white-sheet crows
In which I stand with my dollar
The devils and the dollar
The devils and the dollar
And I'm so proud of it

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