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Sunny Daze

This song is by ASHWAN.

I wanna stay where it's sunny all day,
Parlay in the bay, pina coladas all day,
Beautiful women in colorful linens, I'm grinnin',
Spinnin', but there's sin in the way that I'm livin',

It's my vision, but now I gotta make a decision,
To go on a mission, ignition, making provisions,
Flippin the script, and avoidin' the clouds,
So I can get that sunshine, Yeah! That's my ambition!

Listen, Shorty, I never said that you bore me,
But I feel that out there, there's so much more for me,
Dusty mornings in dusty quarters, it must be,
The Robinson family mentality alluring,

I'm in love with the Exotic, and even though you got it,
It's not the type of vibe for the rest of my,
Life, I'm on a world-travel tip,
Not riding to a Texas store for groceries on my bike,

Open-air bars, yeah, that's more my type,
Small roads winding in the mountains, and fountains,
In town square markets, beyond city topics,
In the back of the Jeep, enjoying the Tropics,

I wanna breathe in the deep sea air, I wanna,
Reach up in a tree, pull down a perfect pear,
I wanna see a tan body every 5 feet,
Walking in bare feet, Baby, can you help me there?

Would I ever miss my big city lights?
I don't know, but I do know that I'd like to try it,
The flashy, the fast, stylish, illumious life,
Is bringing it with me be the way to have Paradise?

Would I sit and stare way over the Ocean, hoping,
Somewhere, there's beautiful women chosen,
To please me, and would I happen to throw some,
Bottles to the tide that are empty with a note in them?

Would I struggle 'cause I couldn't speak the language?
Would I go home alone, and huddle in anguish?
Would I languish in the sun, like, "Damn, it's hot!"
Would I actually have the capacity to forsake what I got?

Would I be just as bored to live on the beach?
Probably be, I guess the purpose is there to defeat,
In reality, there's some things I'd be happy to reach, well,
I'll never know until it's right at my feet...

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