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She Broke My Dick

This song is by ALL and appears on the album Problematic (2000) and on the compilation Punk-O-Rama 2001, Vol. 6 (2001).

getting it on with... i swear this really happened i pulled my trick maneuver that's when i heard it snappin' She broke my dick OOOWWWWW my life's been on the rocks SHE goddamn broke my dick ever since i met her cold ice packs and heating pads and band aids for my... (penis) SHE BROKE MY DICK she goddamn broke my dick ooowwwww she goddamn broke my dick She broke my dick uuuuggggghhh (she broke his dick) she broke my dick (i broke his dick) main vein shot with cortison, ice pack on the rest she goddamn broke my dick it hurt so much but i'd do it again why couldn't i have just left her unsatisfied?

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