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Dork EP (1993)Edit

AFI - Dork

Dork EP

  1. Red Hat
  2. Self-Pity
  3. Ny-Quil
  4. Mini Trucks Suck (outtake available as a download)

Behind the Times EP (1993)Edit

AFI - Behind The Times

Behind the Times EP

  1. Who Said You Could Touch Me?
  2. Rolling Balls
  3. High School Football Hero
  4. Rizzo in the Box
  5. Cereal Wars
  6. Born in the US of A

Eddie Picnic's All Wet (1994)Edit

AFI - Eddie Picnic's All Wet

Eddie Picnic's All Wet EP

  1. Ny-Quil
  2. Rizzo in the Box
  3. Who Said You Could Touch Me?
  4. I Wanna Mohawk
  5. Love is a Many Spendored Thing

Fly in the Ointment (1995)Edit

AFI - Fly In The Ointment

Fly in the Ointment EP

  1. Theory of Revolution
  2. Crop Tub
  3. Cruise Control
  4. Open Your Eyes (The Circus Tents' song cover)

AFI/Heckle (1995)Edit

AFI - Heckle

AFI/Heckle EP

This is a split EP with Heckle. For the full track listing, visit the album page.

  1. Aspirin Free
  2. Advances in Modern Technology

Bombing the Bay (1995)Edit

AFI - Bombing The Bay

Bombing the Bay EP

This is a split EP with Swingin' Utters. For the full track listing, visit the album page.

  1. Values Here (Dag Nasty's song cover)

Answer that and Stay Fashionable (1995)Edit

AFI - Answer That

Answer that and Stay Fashionable

  1. Two of a Kind
  2. Half-Empty Bottle
  3. Yürf Rendenmein
  4. I Wanna Get a Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One)
  5. Brownie Bottom Sundae
  6. The Checkered Demon
  7. Cereal Wars
  8. The Mother in Me
  9. Rizzo in the Box
  10. Kung-Fu Devil
  11. Your Name Here
  12. Ny-Quil
  13. Don't Make Me Ill
  14. Open Your Eyes
  15. High School Football Hero
Vinyl release bonus tracks
  1. Self-Pity
  2. Key Lime Pie

Very Proud of Ya (1996)Edit

AFI - Very Proud of Ya

Very Proud of Ya

  1. He Who Laughs Last... (with hidden pre-gap intro No-Dave Party)
  2. File 13
  3. Wake-Up Call
  4. Cult Status
  5. Perfect Fit
  6. Advances in Modern Technology
  7. Theory of Revolution
  8. This Secret Ninja
  9. Soap Box Derby
  10. Aspirin Free
  11. Fishbowl
  12. Charles Atlas
  13. Crop Tub
  14. Consult My Lover
  15. Take the Test
  16. Two of a Kind
  17. Shatty Fatmas
  18. Yürf Rendenmein
  19. Cruise Control
  20. Modern Epic
Vinyl release bonus tracks
  1. Who Said You Could Touch Me?
  2. Rolling Balls
  3. Love is a Many Splendored Thing

Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes (1997)Edit

AFI - Shut Your Mouth

Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes

  1. Keeping Out of Direct Sunlight (An Introduction)
  2. Three Reasons
  3. A Single Second
  4. pH Low
  5. Let it Be Broke
  6. Third Season
  7. Lower Your Head and Take it in the Body
  8. Coin Return
  9. The New Patron Saints and Angels
  10. Three Seconds Notice
  11. Salt for Your Wounds
  12. Today's Lesson
  13. The Devil Loves You
  14. Triple Zero
Vinyl Release Bonus Track
  1. Last Caress (The Misfits' song cover)

A Fire Inside EP (1998)Edit

AFI - A Fire Inside E.P.

A Fire Inside EP

  1. 3 1/2
  2. Over Exposure
  3. The Hanging Garden (The Cure's song cover)
  4. Demonomania (The Misfits' song cover)

Black Sails EP (1999)Edit

AFI - Black Sails EP

Black Sails EP

  1. Porphyria
  2. Malleus Maleficarum
  3. The Prayer Position
  4. Who Knew?

Black Sails in the Sunset (1999)Edit

AFI - Black Sails in The Sunset

Black Sails in the Sunset

  1. Strength Through Wounding
  2. Porphyria Cutanea Tarda
  3. Exsanguination
  4. Malleus Maleficarum
  5. Narrative of Soul Against Soul
  6. Clove Smoke Catharsis
  7. The Prayer Position
  8. No Poetic Device
  9. The Last Kiss
  10. Weathered Tome
  11. At a Glance
  12. God Called in Sick Today
Vinyl edition bonus
  1. Lower It
Japanese edition
  1. Who Knew?

All Hallow's EP (1999)Edit

AFI -All -Hallow's -E.P.

All Hallow's EP

  1. Fall Children
  2. Halloween (cover of "Halloween" by Misfits)
  3. The Boy Who Destroyed the World
  4. Totalimmortal

The Art of Drowning (2000)Edit

AFI - The Art of Drowning

The Art of Drowning

  1. Initiation
  2. The Lost Souls
  3. The Nephilim
  4. Ever and a Day
  5. Sacrifice Theory
  6. Of Greetings and Goodbyes
  7. Smile
  8. A Story at Three
  9. The Days of the Phoenix
  10. Catch a Hot One
  11. Wester
  12. 6 to 8
  13. The Despair Factor
  14. Morningstar

The Days of the Phoenix EP (2001)Edit

AFI - The Days Of The Phoenix E.P.

The Days of the Phoenix EP

  1. The Days of the Phoenix
  2. A Winter's Tale
  3. Wester

336 EP (2002)Edit

AFI - 336 EP

336 EP

  1. Now the World
  2. Reiver's Music

Sing the Sorrow (2003)Edit

AFI - Sing the Sorrow

Sing the Sorrow

  1. Miseria Cantare: The Beginning
  2. The Leaving Song, Part II
  3. Bleed Black
  4. Silver and Cold
  5. Dancing Through Sunday
  6. Girl's Not Grey
  7. Death of Seasons
  8. The Great Disappointment
  9. Paper Airplanes (makeshift wings)
  10. This Celluloid Dream
  11. The Leaving Song
  12. ... but home is nowhere
UK bonus tracks
  1. Synesthesia
  2. Now the World or Now the World (Alternate Version)

Decemberunderground (2006)Edit

AFI - Decemberunderground


  1. Prelude 12/21
  2. Kill Caustic
  3. Miss Murder
  4. Summer Shudder
  5. The Interview
  6. Love Like Winter
  7. Affliction
  8. The Missing Frame
  9. Kiss and Control
  10. The Killing Lights
  11. 37mm
  12. Endlessly, She Said
  13. On the Arrow
Bonus tracks
  1. Rabbits are Roadkill on Rt. 37
  2. Head Like a Hole
  3. Jack the Ripper
  4. Don't Change
  5. Fallen Like the Sky (bonus track from Target download)

Crash Love (2009)Edit

AFI - Crash Love

Crash Love

  1. Torch Song
  2. Beautiful Thieves
  3. End Transmission
  4. Too Shy to Scream
  5. Veronica Sawyer Smokes
  6. OK, I Feel Better Now
  7. Medicate
  8. I Am Trying Very Hard to Be Here
  9. Sacrilege
  10. Darling, I Want to Destroy You
  11. Cold Hands
  12. It Was Mine
Deluxe edition
  1. Fainting Spells (From Decemberunderground Sessions 2006)
  2. We've Got the Knife (Demo from Crash Love Sessions)
  3. Where We Used to Play (Demo from Crash Love Sessions)
  4. 100 Words (From Sing the Sorrow Sessions 2003)
iTunes Exclusive
  1. Too Late for Gods
  2. Breathing Towers to Heaven (Demo from Crash Love Sessions)
Japanese Edition
  1. Carcinogen Crush
  2. Ether
  3. Miss Murder (Duet Version)

Burials (2013)Edit

AFI - Burials


  1. The Sinking Night
  2. I Hope You Suffer
  3. A Deep Slow Panic
  4. No Resurrection
  5. 17 Crimes
  6. The Conductor
  7. Heart Stops
  8. Rewind
  9. The Embrace
  10. Wild
  11. Greater than 84
  12. Anxious
  13. The Face Beneath the Waves

AFI (2017)Edit



  1. Dark Snow
  2. Still a Stranger
  3. Aurelia
  4. Hidden Knives
  5. Get Hurt
  6. Above the Bridge
  7. So Beneath You
  8. Snow Cats
  9. Dumb Kids
  10. Pink Eyes
  11. Feed From the Floor
  12. White Offerings
  13. She Speaks the Language
  14. The Wind That Carries Me Away

Live & Unreleased SongsEdit

  1. Ziggy Stardust (bootleg track from AOL Sessions Undercover)

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Songs on SoundtracksEdit

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  • Geoff Kresge Wikipedia16 - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals (1992-1997)
  • Vic Chalker Wikipedia16 - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals (1991-1992)

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